VISIONKING 1501400 Reflector Telescope with Motor Drive Auto Tracking – Due in August – Backorder Now


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Visionking 1501400 Reflector Astronomical Telescope with Motor Drive Auto Tracking

Model Visionking 1501400 astronomical Telescope
Focal Length 1400mm
Diameter 150mm
Magnification K10mm: 140x; K25mm: 56x
Color Black / White
Weight 16.2kg (with packing)

1 x 15014000mm Astronomical Telescope
1 x K10mm Eyepiece
1 x K25mm Eyepiece
1 x Diagonal Prisms Barlow1.5X

1 x Finder scope
1 x Finder scope holder
1 x User Manual
1 x Equatorial Tripod

1 x Motor Drive

Weight 0.1000 kg